Upside Down Christmas Trees Trending

Why not flip your tree upside down this year?! Give it a spin and hang it from the ceiling!

These trees are becoming more popular this year and you can get them anywhere! Walmart, Home Depot- pretty much everywhere has the upside down.

You can either mount your tree to the ceiling so it hangs, or buy an artificial tree that’s designed to stand upside-down.

According to the Kansas City Star, the reason for the flipped tree could be for two different reasons…

“Well, if you’re into serious religious symbolism, the upside-down tree is big in central and Eastern Europe because people think it resembles the shape of Jesus on the cross.  Or if you’re more into aesthetics, the upside-down tree shows off your ornaments better, because they’re dangling into the air, not being covered up by thicker branches underneath.”

What do you think?!