{Tom’s Take- Movies and Books!} The Adventures of Hap and Leonard

The Adventures of Hap and Leonard are based on the books by Joe Lansdale.

These book are a rough brutal swamp noir that takes place in East Texas, with really good guys and really bad guys. Hide the kids from these books!

The main characters are tough guys with martial arts and military experience– so they’re ready for any kind of situation.

Now on the Sundance channel, there is a series of Hap and Leonard on TV that started in March 2017 and has been renewed for six episodes next year.

Michael Kenneth Williams from Boardwalk Empire and The Wire is starring in the tv series along with James Purefoy.

I would recommend these books to people who like deep south thrillers. I think losers are far more interesting than winners and that is what you get in The Adventures of Hap and Leonard. Everyone likes weakness’ too, and these characters have their own.

I have not seen the Sundance Series yet, it’s their highest rated TV show on the channel. So please let me know what you think at [email protected], if you have!

*DEFINITELY NOT FOR CHILDREN, this is an ADULT books series/show*