Let’s Get Cozy With Thanksgiving/Fall Decor!

It’s time to pull down the Halloween decorations…except for the pumpkins! Now, is the time to un-box all your Thanksgiving festive decor to spruce up your home for the upcoming holiday.
If you don’t have much to sit on the tables and mantles in your home, don’t worry! We have a few DIY and easy ideas that you can put together!!

  1. Have a big candle holder or vase?? Fill it with layers of corn, beans, and dried peas…tie a piece of jute twine around the outside and place a fall candle in the middle.
  2. Turkey Door! What an easy way to welcome guest to your home for the holiday, thank with an easy turkey face made our of paper plates and colored paper. SO easy!
  3. Utensil holder- Make a simple thing, creative for your Thanksgiving dinner! Take all the left over candy corn you have from Halloween and put a handful in the bottom of a glass jar, tie a piece of twine around the rim and then put your forks and spoons inside!
  4. Thankful Jar- What is cuter than a “Thankful Jar?!” Take any jar or vase you have around the house and grab some letter stickers from your local craft store. Then, tie a pretty ribbon around the top and start writing what your Thankful for leading up to the holiday and toss them inside! Pull them out and read them with family on Thanksgiving.

Check out the pictures below….(photos via Pinterest)