Interesting People: Mental Health Association of Frederick County

Episode #19: Mental Health Association of Frederick County

Welcome to a themed series of podcasts on Health & Wellness in Frederick for November. I spoke with Shannon Aleshire the CEO of Mental Health Association of Frederick County about their goals, services, and the sets people can take to get help.

This podcast was a very eye-opening interview for me. We cover facts about suicide in Maryland and dispell a few myths as well. It also made me shift focus from just men’s health to general wellness. This topic is too complicated to force into a gimmick.

Are in crisis? You can call 2-1-1 to get help. This number is open 24/7.

Time Codes:

00:29 – Goals, duties, and location of the FCMHA
01:05 – Do fewer men seek help?
01:58 – Call Center & Suicide Hot Line
02:42 – How to help someone else
03:22 – Winter & Holiday influence on suicide
03:53 – Difference in Suicide for Men and Women
04:35 – Military Support
05:10 – Helping Children & Families
06:44 – Depression with Women & Men
07:20 – Events for FCMHA
07:49 – 2018 Goals & Hopes
08:40 – One Hour Tours
09:07 – Misconceptions about mental health
09:29 – How to reach the FCMHA