October Podcast Interview Recap!

October has been a truly incredible month! I went to Canada with my family and used that vacation energy to kick my interview series into high gear! Here are all six of my October podcasts.

Don’t miss my artist interviews with Tracy Lawrence and Shane Owens. Traditional Country Music was the name of the game this month. Shane will be at Frederick Champion Billiards Sports Bar next week on the 8th! Tracey was one of our Rewind stars at the Weinberg.

The Interesting People Podcast had a fun mix. I talked to Kristin Zimmerman from Light the Night to get ready for that fantastic event. Next up was Lee DuBose Fuhr from The Frederick Children’s Chorus, an organization that has been teaching kids how to sing in Frederick for over 30 years! I learned about starting a new business with an original idea with Paul & Andrea Custead from Frederick Hops & Vines Tour. Kenneth Oldham, the President & CEO of United Way of Frederick County, educated me on the ALICE Report and the real state of poverty in Frederick.

I am excited about what is coming next!

Please pitch any ideas to me by messaging me on Facebook or emailing [email protected] with the word INTERESTING in the subject line. I have barely gotten started!

Artist Interviews

Interesting People Podcast