Interesting People: United Way of Frederick County

Did you know the poverty line is based on a national average and doesn’t factor in the cost of living? Enter the ALICE Report.

One of the Nymeo Random Acts of Kindness stops was dropping off lunch to the United Way of Frederick County. I did a quick video while we were there, but I completely missed out on learning about the ALICE Report.

Fortunately, Kenneth Oldham the President & CEO of United Way of Frederick County let me interview him about this new report. The ALICE Report is a difference between wanting to help and knowing how to help. We touch on the real cost of living in Frederick, the goals of UWFC, and highlight some of their partners.

ALICE Report:

Time Codes

00:18 – What is the ALICE Report
01:25 – Different between the Poverty and the ALICE Lines
02:37 – Is ALICE a national or local effort
03:06 – Trends and Facts from ALICE
04:50 – Three areas of impact for UWFC
06:51 – Work with Boys & Girls Club and other partners
07:23 – Downtown Frederick Location
07:42 – VITA Program
09:32 – Need for Spanish speaking volunteers
11:11 – What has Ken excited about the future
13:26 – Work with Heartly House & Frederick Children’s Chorus
14:35 – Update to UNITY Campaign
15:05 – How to reach UWFC

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