Interesting People: Frederick Hops & Vines Tours

I recently got to do a private wine tour during my vacation in Canada. It was a great surprise to find out this idea has just started up in Frederick. Not only has it started up, but they are tripling down! In true Frederick spirit, Paul and Andrea are offering beer, wine, and distillery tours.

I had a ton of fun with this interview. We talk about how Paul and Andrea came up with the idea, their passion for a pure experience, and their plans for the future. There is also a lot of laughs.

You may recognize The Frederick Hops & Vines Tours from Ladies Night!


Time Codes
00:17 – What is The Frederick Hops & Vines Tours?
01:31 – Where the idea came from
02:42 – Who is the wine, beer, or spirits person?
03:21 – How much has the Frederick scene been changing?
03:59 – Building Relationships
04:59 – Tasting vs. Experience. How they craft the tour.
06:14 – Plans for Pairings
07:07 – Who is the driver
07:47 – Tourism Facts about Frederick
08:19 – Favorite Historic Frederick Locations
09:47 – What Paul & Andrea excited about
11:20 – Octoberfest & Social Media
12:30 – Plans for Virginia
13:24 – Teaming up with BnBs
14:14 – Door to Door service!
15:05 – Goodies
16:13 – Promoting Frederick
17:34 – How to find them