FRIDAY THE 13TH: Strange Superstitions

We all know the “normal superstitions” … no 13th floor of buildings, no walking under ladders, no stepping on cracks in sidewalks, bad luck coming in threes, breaking a mirror causes seven years of bad luck … well, different countries and cultures have their own set of superstitions. Here are some of them:

  • If you are Lithuanian you never whistle indoors because it summons demons into your house.
  • In Germany you never say cheers with water because it means you are wishing death on the people you are drinking with.
  • It’s bad luck to sleep with your head facing north in Japan, because that’s how the dead are laid to rest. In Africa you can’t sleep with your head facing west for the same reason.
  • If you’ve got an itchy right hand, people in Turkey say that means you are coming into money. Unfortunately, an itchy left hand means you are going to be losing money soon.
  • Russians believe if a bird poops on you or on your belongings, you will come into wealth.
  • Egyptians believe that owls are bad omens. If you see or hear one you will be receiving bad news soon. Italian superstition says that if an owl ends up in your house, someone in your family will die.
  • In Britain, it’s considered bad luck to put your shoes on the table … because it symbolizes the death of a loved one.
  • Stepping in dog poop is considered good luck in France … if you do it with your left foot. If you step in it with your right food it’s bad luck.
  • In Iceland, if you knit outside, superstition holds that it will prolong winter.
  • Don’t get your haircut on Tuesday in India. Based on superstition it will bring you bad luck.
  • In Portugal, it’s considered bad luck to walk backwards … because it tells the devil which way you’re going.
  • An Italian superstition holds that if you say the same word at the same time as someone else, you’ll never get married. To undo this bad luck, you have to immediately touch your nose.
  • Don’t wear red during a storm in the Philippines. It’s believed that the color red attracts lightning. (Good Housekeeping)