Remastered Version of my Goat Yoga Interview

I went back and cleaned up this podcast. Got rid of the “ums” and reordered the intro. It was fun to return to my first adventure. Maybe I should call Janice…

I got a chance to have a chat with Janice Ingson, a yoga instructor that literally teaches goat yoga! All questions are answered and puns are shared. We also talk about what other animals could be used for yoga!

Make sure to check out her pages if you want to get started with standard or animal-assisted yoga.


Time Code
00:20 – How Janice found Goat Yoga
00:46 – Type of goats for yoga
01:25 – Experience level needed
01:59 – Goat Joy
03:51 – Other animals?
05:11 – Is it good to start with Goat Yoga?
05:52 – Puns?