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Brantley Gilbert

Brantley Gilbert and his wife Amber have been married for a little more than two years, and one of the things he loves most about her is her honesty.

Brantley Gilbert talks about respecting his wife’s honesty. “She’ll tell you if you make her mad, in a hurry, which I respect that about her. I couldn’t be with somebody that was bothered by something that didn’t say something. I mean I’m not wired that way. If somebody does something in front of me that offends somebody I care about or if I feel disrespected I’m gonna make sure they know it. I expect that out of her.”

Brett Young

Brett Young has experienced the exact feeling he sings about in his single “Like I Loved You.” He knows how difficult it is when a significant other says, “We should just be friends.”

Brett Young talks about being on the receiving end of the “we should just be friends” talk. “Being on the receiving end of that it was hard. I mean it almost felt as if they had already ended it in their heart and moved on and they were ready for that. And when you’re not, it makes you feel very disconnected from a relationship that you were very involved in emotionally.”

Darius Rucker

Over the years, Darius Rucker has been able to check a lot of experiences off his bucket list, but there are still several things he wants to do. Now that his album When Was the Last Time is about to drop, he plans to focus on what’s left on his list. So, what’s up first?

Darius Rucker talks about his bucket list. “Number-one was to see [Paul] McCartney [laughs], and I got to do that this year. That was awesome. But I’ve never seen U2. It’s one of my favorite bands in the world. You know, I’ve been lucky. I’ve gotten to do a lot of stuff that I’ve wanted to do. I’ve lived a really blessed life, but then I started thinking about it. There’s so much stuff I never took the time to do, and I think now is the time to start doing that stuff.”