{Good News} Good Neighbor Makes Special Mailbox for Blind Neighbor

A blind woman, who for years has worried about getting hit by a car while getting her mail from her curbside mailbox, no longer has to worry about that thanks to a kind neighbor’s generosity.

Lynda Tennette of Virginia contacted a local TV station for help because in order to get her mail she has to step into the street to reach inside the box.

Wesley Benton, the owner of a home improvement business, saw the report and immediately thought about his own great-grandmother who was struck by a car while getting her mail. He immediately decided to help.

So he grabbed some tools, headed over to Lynda’s house and installed a special new mailbox for her. It opens from both ends, so Lynda no longer has to step into the street to reach inside.

Lynda was shocked by the gesture and asked to give Wesley a hug to thank him. She said, “It really puts some faith back in the world.” (WTVR-TV)


Check out more to the story here: http://wtvr.com/2017/08/31/handyman-surprises-blind-woman-with-new-mailbox/