It’s National Lazy Mom’s Day!

Moms – its finally our day! National Lazy Moms Day!

This is the one day out of the year – besides Mothers Day – that moms can just relax.

Today moms are suppose to take a break from dishes, laundry, bathroom cleaning, and car pools.

Take a break from all your normal households works and delegate!

According to B-Inspired Mama, there are many important jobs that moms perform.


  1. Housekeeper – No explanation necessary for this one, right, Mamas?
  2. Nurse – Every mom has an unlimited supply of band-aids and boo-boo kisses.
  3. Teacher – A mother is a child’s first educator.
  4. Journalist – Someone has to keep up with the baby books and memory keeping.
  5. Party Planner – Mom is bound to plan a Birthday or holiday party or two… or twenty.
  6. Hostess – A mom’s often the one hosting those playdates, right?
  7. Personal Shopper – Sometimes I wish I could send the kids to the store themselves, but no. Not a good idea.
  8. Stylist – Well, if you care if your kids’ clothes match anyway. (I’m not judging if you don’t!)
  9. Spiritual Adviser – No matter which religion or spiritual direction, mom often gives spiritual direction.
  10. Psychiatrist – Mom might not really understand the psychology behind a 2 year olds’ tantrums (who does?!), but she sure tries.
  11. Taxi Driver – Who drives the kids from school to lessons to playdates?  Mom does!
  12. Secretary – Scheduling doctors’ appointments and keeping track of school events is all in a mom’s day’s work.
  13. Photographer – I don’t know any mom who hasn’t become very familiar with her camera or camera phone.
  14. Chef – Usually mom plans and cooks meals for the whole crew.