{Hollywood Headlines } Sean Lowe, Bachelor Hero in Texas

One of them, Sean Lowe, came to fame four years ago on reality TV as The Bachelor. Sean loaned a boat from a social media follower and towed it from Dallas to Houston. He’s spent the week making rescue runs through flooded neighborhoods.

He posted to Instagram, (quote) “My heart broke for all the elderly, who are immobile. The mothers trapped in their homes with young babies. But I was encouraged by the selflessness of so many Texans.”

Sean detailed a traumatic experience where a rescue ended badly. He told Entertainment Tonight how he gave first aid to a heart attack victim. (quote) “We pulled him from a canoe. It took three of us giving CPR for about 15 to 20 minutes before we could get him to an ambulance. His heart was not beating. His face was as blue as blue gets. It really shook me up.”