Cheerleader Forced Into Splits by Coach Says She Is Being Cyberbullied

It was a shocking video that has gone viral.  Cheerleaders at East High School in Denver were forced into splits during cheer camp as they screamed in pain.

Picture from Toronto Sun


Now the girl who spoke out about this alleged abuse says she is being cyberbullied.

Ally Wakefield took videos of herself and fellow cheerleaders being forced into splits by coach Ozell Williams.  The coach pushes the girls down while they are screaming in pain and asking him to stop.

Ally showed her mom, Kirtsen Wakefield, the videos.  They went to school administrators in June.

Police are investigating this as possible child abuse.

Ally says she’s now being cyber bullied because she spoke out about the abuse.  Cyberbullies have told her to kill herself and say she is lying about her injuries.

Kirsten said doctors believe her daughter tore muscle tissue and may have pulled her hamstring.

Denver school officials report the principal, assistant principal, coach Ozell Williams, and the assistant cheer coach have been placed on leave during the investigation.