{Good News} Hero Soldier Selling Medals to Save Little Girl

A decorated soldier who fought in Iraq with Britain’s Royal Marines has medals for his bravery and the unselfish sacrifices he’s made. “Unselfish” is a good word to describe Matthew Goodman, who has now decided to give up his medals to help save a little girl’s life.

Goodman is selling his medals to help Lottie Woods-John, a four-year-old girl with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.

Goodman has never met the little girl, but he read about her and was inspired to help.

He says, “As a father myself, I couldn’t imagine seeing my baby daughter, Freya, suffering like that and I knew I had to help in some way. My medals were just sitting in the drawer doing nothing, and I thought they could be used for something worthwhile. They were awarded for the sacrifices I made, but I’m happy to forgo that honor if it means helping a little girl in desperate need.”

Lottie needs an expensive new treatment that is only available in the U.S. and could run about $250,000. Goodman has posted the medals on Ebay and hopes the money raised will help Lottie get the necessary treatment. (The Sun)