Another Warning for Parents – ‘Hot Water Challenge’!

I am shaking my head on another challenge being circulated on social media – the ‘Hot Water Challenge’.  Seriously – how can some people be so irresponsible.

This dangerous challenge is made popular by social media.  The challenge asks participants to take a container of hot, boiling water and throw it on an unsuspecting person or drink it. Many times this challenge is captured on video and uploaded onto YouTube.

Sadly, 8-year-old Ki’ari Pope from Florida died in July after drinking boiling water through a straw.  She did this on a challenge from her cousin.

On August 6th, 11-year-old Jamoneisha Merritt, from New York, was severely burned when her friends allegedly poured scalding hot water on her during a sleepover.  She is in serious but stable condition at a hospital.  Her face, neck, and shoulders are severely burned.

This horrible challenge needs to stop.  Parents talk to your kids.

-Dianah Gibson