Post Wedding Blues and To-Do’s…

Hi Guys!!! It’s been almost 2 months since our wedding and time has flown by!!

Photo: Amanda Summers

Summer flies by every year anyway, but especially this year. So, I’ve heard of the “Post wedding blues,” but did you know it was actually a real thing?? Many girls, and sometimes even the guys, find themselves feeling down after the wedding. Of course, not because they tied the knot, but because all the planning and coordinating is over, friends and family have gone home and won’t be around as much, you’re no longer the center of attention and all of the excitement has faded away. I guess it’s a more intense version of the “Monday Blues” after the weekend is over.   Apparently, even your parents can feel the blues, too! Boredom, sadness, lethargy, loneliness and isolation are just a few of the signs that someone with post-wedding blues might have, according to The Knot.

Honestly, I don’t think I have them! Even immediately after the wedding, I was so excited to be done with the planning, because it took up so much of my time. There was some time where I did feel like I was left with “extra time” and that feeling that I should be doing something, but then I would just sit back and relax, knowing the wedding was done and everything was perfect! I think focusing on the honeymoon and getting right out of town after the wedding also helped steer me clear of the wedding blues. Then coming home and knowing that I needed to start prepping for my cousins wedding, also helped. I could tell my mom was feeling a little sad it was all over, that was until we got our pictures back and then it was fun re-living the day through them and looking at how beautiful everything was.

So, I think if you are down about your wedding being over— focusing on other upcoming events, or just on your new hubby and all the exciting things the future holds will help you get through!

As far as after the wedding!! These are a few important things that I’ve found are a MUST DO….

  1. REVIEW your vendors. It helps them out so much to show how much you appreciated their business and the great job that they did with your wedding. (Obviously only if you think so).  Plus it’s an extra great way to say thank you, again!
  2. Don’t put off your Thank You’s…I’ve researched and found that 3 months seems to be the ideal time to get cards sent to everyone at the wedding who came and showed their love and support for you on your big day.  Working on mine now….. (See! the wedding isn’t completely over….)
  3. Change your name ASAP!– This one might be more personal choice… some of our wedding gift’s were checks and neither of us had any clue or thought about the fact that yes, we are Mr. and Mrs. now, but my last name wasn’t changed yet! So we couldn’t deposit any of them that used my husband and I’s first and “new” last name on them….because I didn’t officially have that last name yet. So, that was fun. It’s a time consuming process getting your name changed. So, the sooner you start, the better.
  4. Order your photo book and prints to frame…because who doesn’t want to put their pictures all around the house as soon as possible?! 🙂
  5. and…be ready to answer the question “When are the kids coming???” A LOT after you get married 😉

Two months into married life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!

<3 Katie Ryan