{Music City Minute} Little Fan Gets to Meet Brett Eldredge’s Dog at Meet and Greet

Brett Eldredge rarely brings his dog Edgar to his meet and greets, but he made an exception a few days ago. Find out why and who Edgar got to meet, next.

Brett Eldredge doesn’t typically bring his dog Edgar to meet and greets, but he recently made an exception, after meeting a six-year-old fan from New York named Lili Andrews. Not only was she wearing a homemade “I love Edgar Eldredge” T-shirt, but she also had an incredible story.

Brett Eldredge talks about Lili Andrews, the fan who met Edgar. OC:…life changer. :18

“She had lost her sight as a… she was born premature, but she had the best outlook on life ever. All she wanted to do was dance. She didn’t say, ‘I wanna meet Edgar,’ but she would talk about him a lot. Well, then I brought Edgar up, and he licked her in the face, and she immediately just smiled. It was a magic moment. And so, he doesn’t go to meet and greets, but I couldn’t not bring him to meet Lili because she was just a life changer.”

Check out the video below….