Parents – Justice Recalls Make-Up

My daughter loved Justice when she was younger and we would always get her clothes and make-up from the store. This story worries me!

Justice released a statement on their facebook page regarding a highlighter they are selling.

“Upon receiving an inquiry about the Just Shine Shimmer Powder product … we immediately began an investigation and, out of an abundance of caution, stopped the sale of this product in our stores and on our website,” The statement read. “Our suppliers are required to produce all products in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. If any supplier fails to do so, it is our practice to hold them responsible. We cannot speculate regarding the matter while we investigate.”

Justice pulled the make-up off their store shelves after reporters at ABC- WTVD in Durham, N.C., sent samples of Just Shine Shimmer Powder to a lab to see if it contained any non-listed ingredients. The station said its investigation turned up asbestos and a handful of toxic heavy metals.

Since the investigation, the product has been pulled from store shelves. The FDA prohibits sale of contaminated makeup products, like those containing the talc with asbestos.