Entertainment Update – 07/11/17

Stories about Kelsea Ballerini, Carly Pearce, Justin Moore, and Lady Antebellum!

KELSEA BALLERINI: Firm Believer in Dry Shampoo

There’s one beauty product that Kelsea Ballerini just can’t get enough of, and it’s part of the reason she always manages to have perfectly tousled waves.

She says, “I am a firm believer in the power of dry shampoo. I use it all the time. I think it’s great. It saves you from having to wash your hair all the time… I think I probably wash mine like two or three times a week, which is good for your hair, actually.” (People)

CARLY PEARCE: Worries About "Every Little Thing"

“Every Little Thing” singer Carly Pearce is having major success with her debut single, but that doesn’t keep her nerves at bay. 

Carly Pearce: “I worry a lot. It’s in my blood, it’s like my grandma was a worrier. It’s just hard to get my mind to shut off. I would like to worry less, and live in the moment a little more.”

JUSTIN MOORE: Daughters Don't Want to Be Like Daddy

Justin Moore’s three daughters love watching their dad perform, but they don’t plan to follow in his footsteps — at least not anytime soon. Although they’ve joined Justin on stage from time to time, he says they’re just not interested in being the stars of the show.

Justin Moore: “Well, I have to coerce them into doing it. They don’t like doing it. My oldest daughter is actually a really, really good singer, if I could get her to actually sing. But they get a little gun shy when we go out on stage.”

LADY ANTEBELLUM: Share South African Safari Plans

Lady Antebellum plan to visit several awesome places during the You Look Good World Tour, but the trio is most excited about ending the tour in South Africa. Because none of them (or their families) have been there before, Charles Kelley’s wife took it upon herself to plan a not-so-traditional African safari. 

Lady Antebellum talk about their upcoming South African safari plans:

Charles – “Yeah, my wife has already planned ours.”

Hillary – “Cassie’s the party planner.”

Charles – “She called it Glamping, though. Apparently, it’s like, being out there, but they’ve got people that like bring you cocktails and stuff.”

Hillary – [laughs]

Charles – “I was like, ‘This sounds…’”

Dave – “Like a great safari!”

Charles – “Sounds really good, but kind of expensive.”

Hillary – “I’m just gonna piggy back on y’all’s trip.”

Dave – “They’re bringing cocktails, and so…”

Hillary – “I know, right?… Duh.”

Charles – “Yeah, I’m like, ‘I’m in! They’ve got free drinks.’ She knew that was the only way I’d be into it.”