Parents Beware: The Latest Craze With Teens ‘Snorting Chocolate’!

There is a new way some teens are trying to get a ‘rush’ – snorting chocolate.

They’re able to do it by using Coco Loko, which is a new chocolate-based product.  Coco Loko is a blend of cacao powder and other ingredients often found in energy drinks.  The makers claim Coco Loko gives an endorphin rush, serotonin rush, euphoric energy, and a calm focus.

Coco Loko sells online for $19.99 online.  This is how the website describes the effects their product gives:  ‘A sudden rush of serotonin will produce an elevated mood and state of euphoria similar to the feeling of ecstasy. This is the feeling that will make music sound better and overall happiness.’

Medical experts warn that some of the side effects from taking any stimulant are a boost in heart rate and increased blood pressure.

-Dianah Gibson