Woman Nearly Drowns On Ride At Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion has temporarily closed a water ride after a woman was injured on July 4th.

According to Steve Orebaugh’s facebook page, he and his wife Christina were riding the Tornado water ride when their craft flipped over.

“Asking prayers for my wife we were at kings dominion enjoying ourselfs we were on one of the water tubing rides and it flipped on us she hit her head knocked her out and she almost drowned because of king dominions so called life gaurds and first aid , by the time i got two her she was still under water i finally get her head out of water and yelling for someone to help my little brother and sisternlaw help while everyone else stood around, totally uncalled for. Now we sit in vcu waiting on cat scan results. She is in terriable pain”

Kings Dominion released this statement:

On Tuesday July 4, around 2:00 pm, we received a report of a guest injury on the Tornado, a ride in the Soak City water park. Lifeguards who were at their posted positions in the water at the ride, as well as park medical staff, immediately responded. The guest was transported to the hospital.  The safety of our guests and staff is always our number one priority and the ride remains closed at this time while park officials conduct an investigation.

-Dianah Gibson