Summer’s Worst Nightmare – Lone Star Tick

The lone star tick could be headed our way and a bite from this nasty little bug could make you allergic to red meat.



This tick is believed to have given thousands of Americans a dangerous meat allergy.  Experts say there is no treatment to reverse the allergy, and those affected by it should avoid eating beef and pork.  Chicken and fish are fine to eat.

According to, the lone star tick gets its name from the single silvery-white spot located on the female’s back. These ticks attack humans more frequently than any other tick species in the eastern and southeastern states. Lone star tick bites will occasionally result in a circular rash, and they can transmit diseases. It is essential that you remove a lone star tick immediately.

To protect yourself from ticks, keep your clothes tucked in, wear light colors and give yourself several “tick checks” throughout the day.

-Dianah Gibson