An App To Help Your Social Media Addiction!

Are you addicted to your cell phone, computer or social media?  Well – there’s an app for that!  An app to help your break your addiction called ‘Binky’!

Binky is available on iTunes and is a stress-free social media app.  Creator Dan Kurtz lists some of what the app will give you:

* An infinite list of random stuff (they call “Binks”), with pictures. You may not care about some of them, but others will give you a fleeting feeling of satisfaction — just like a real app!
* Each Bink has a Like button so that you can like it, just like a real app!
* Swipe left or right on Binks, because it’s weirdly satisfying, just like a real app!
* Leave a comment! Unlike a real app, you don’t have to stress about what to say. Just mash the keyboard and Binky will think of an appropriate comment for you! Where’s THAT feature, Facebook?
* A “share” button that doesn’t do anything!
* Scroll through over a thousand Binks, including: sawdust, Sam Cooke, rutabagas, laser tag, merman, mascara, puddles, and elbow.