{Good News} College Student Stuck On Subway Gets Impromptu Graduation


A college student in New York City finally received his diploma after he got stuck on a stalled subway and missed his graduation.

Last week, Jerich Alcantara was riding an E train dressed in his cap and gown on his way to Hunter College for his commencement ceremony. But the train got stuck in a tunnel for two hours and he wasn’t able to make it in time.

But while the subway was delayed, Jerich’s fellow frustrated passengers did an amazing thing. They rallied together to give the 22-year-old nursing student an impromptu ceremony, complete with a mock diploma. The ceremony was captured on video.

Jerich did finally get his real diploma last Thursday. Hunter College heard all about his unfortunate commute and invited him in for a private commencement ceremony. They even sent a car for him so that he wouldn’t have to risk getting stuck on the subway. He also received a $500 scholarship to help him prepare for his nursing exams. (NY Daily News)