{Good News} A Dog’s Second Chance

photo via Facebook

An old chihuahua that was neglected and abused for many years before being abandoned is now finally getting to live the life he’s missed out on.

The 17-year-old dog, named Coffee Bean, was rescued by police who found him at a busy intersection in Miami. He was cleaned up and treated by a vet and is now finally able to live out his life in a loving home in Lakeland, Florida, and with a pretty busy schedule.

The Lakeland Police Department has gotten involved and created a lengthy bucket list of things for Coffee Bean to do. He’s gotten to climb aboard a fire truck, enjoy treats from local restaurants and was also presented with a “bone to the city” by the Lakeland City Manager.

But perhaps his biggest moment was being made an honorary K-9 by the police department. He was given a badge and allowed to check out the K-9 vehicle.

You can follow Coffee Bean’s adventures on Facebook. (WFLA-TV Tampa)