{Good News} Baseball Therapy Doggie


Photo courtesy of DailyTarheel.com

The University of North Carolina baseball team has added a dog to the roster … and he’s not a mascot.

The golden retriever’s name is Remington and he’s a therapy dog who has become one of the most important members of the team.

It’s common to see Remington fetching players a cup of water or a ball, but he’s most useful in helping players recover from injuries or just lift their spirits when they’re having a bad day.

The team’s athletic trainer Terri Jo Rucinski says, “We’ve had some kids who have had surgery this year, and they seem to have turned the corner quickly emotionally, which hadn’t really happened in the past. I like to think he had something to do with that.”

Remington is the first baseball therapy dog in the ACC and the team believes other teams will eventually follow.

Rucinski says, “I think that Remington’s made a difference. You know, if they have had a rough day or had a bad exam, they just come play with him. It’s hard to stay upset when he’s around.” (Daily Tarheel)