Cafe That Lets The Hungry Pay What They Can Afford


Photo Via The Eat Cafe Instagram

A Philadelphia restaurant is serving up great food and a helping hand to those in need.

EAT Cafe is the city’s first pay-what-you-can restaurant and its mission is to give the city’s poor and hungry an opportunity to enjoy quality food without feeling ashamed to ask.

EAT, which stands for Everyone at the Table, is a non-profit business which serves three-course meals and expects diners to pay whatever they can afford, whether it be the suggested price of $15 or nothing at all. Of course, diners can also choose to pay more than $15 if they’d like to help.

The restaurant’s founder, Mariana Chilton, says, “There’s this sense that people who are poor don’t deserve to eat delicious food or have some joy with their food. “I wanted to break that apart.”

EAT Cafe has a weekly budget of $750 to spend on food, so it relies a lot on food donations from supermarkets, bakeries and other groups. (Huffington Post)