Frederick County Seniors Graduate Soon!

Here is the list of high school graduation dates in Frederick County.

Pomp and Circumstance will fill the air soon as thousands of Frederick County High School Seniors receive their diplomas.  Good luck to the Class of 2017!

Rock Creek School  May 19th Rock Creek School  7 PM

Success Program  May 23rd  Knott Auditorium  1 PM

Frederick  May 30th  Knott Arena  2 PM

Governor Thomas Johnson  May 30th  Knott Arena  7 PM

Brunswick  May 31st  Knott Arena  10 AM

Middletown  May 31st  Knott Arena  2 PM

Linganore  May 31st  Knott Arena  7 PM

Catoctin  June 1st  Knott Arena  10 AM

Walkersville  June 1st  Knott Arena  2 PM

Urbana  June 1st  Knott Arena  7 PM

Oakdale  June 2nd  Knott Arena  10 AM

Tuscarora  June 2nd  Knott Arena  2 PM

Flexible Evening High School  June 5th  TJ Middle  7 PM

-Dianah Gibson