A Dog on A Roof?! Yep!

The Internet is falling in love with an adorable dog named Huckleberry who likes to spend his time perched on the roof his owner’s house.
Huckleberry lives in Austin, Texas, and went viral after Sarafina Nance spotted him sitting on the roof of the house and tweeted a photo of him with the caption, “I just saw the bravest, most glorious pupper of all time perched majestically on a roof!”
Naturally, anyone seeing #HuckTheRoofDog might be concerned about the pooch’s safety, but his owner posted a note on the front of the house explaining that he is perfectly safe.
The note reads, “Don’t be alarmed! Huckleberry is living up to his name and learned how to jump on our roof from the back yard. We never leave him in the back yard without someone being at home. He will not jump unless you entice him with some food or a ball! We appreciate your concern but please do not knock on our door… we know he’s up there! But please feel free to take pictures of him and share with the world!” (UPI)