One Month to Go!!! AH!

ONE MONTH!!! Wow….I can’t believe it!

Well…one month and a day, but this time next month we will be setting up the huge tent and everything at my parents house for the wedding and probably running around making sure we have everything together that needs to be done last minute.

It has been quite an experience planning an outdoor, backyard wedding (reception, the ceremony is at a church still). If you are planning to do something similar please ask away with any questions you have because I have learned SO much! There are just so many additional things to think about, that a wedding event location may takes care of for you. But, I wouldn’t trade this once in a lifetime experience for anything. Especially, having it at my parents where I grew up and have so many memories.

So, what will I be up to in the next month?! Well we checked off buying all of the alcohol, which was huge (We found the BEST and cheapest place to buy it, if you need recommendations!), I ordered all of my favors over the weekend and I can’t wait for them to come in 😉 and tomorrow is my hair trial!!!!

I am sooo excited to see what my hair is going to look like for the wedding. You may have heard me rave about Unique Studio Hair Salon already on the morning show, but I really can’t say enough about how much I love the ladies that work there and how they brought my hair back to life. (They’re right in Downtown Frederick)

I think I am going to go with my hair being down, curly and pinned back on one side with a gorgeous hair clip that I picked up at TLC Bridal. It’s a very glam look if you can imagine that…just crossing my fingers it’s not too hot on June 17th. For my bridesmaids, I also wanted a pretty summery look, their hair will be down curly and pulled back with braids and a little touch of baby’s breath in the back!
So tomorrow, I head to Unique and we are going to test out both hairstyles. I’ll take pics and post them afterwards!

Next, I have my second and final make-up trial at Smooch! Studio…which is conveniently right next to we will be going back and forth between the two on our wedding day as the girls and I get out hair and make-up done.

I’m also starting to work on the seating chart for tables at the wedding, I’ve been told that can be tricky so I’m getting a jump on that!  Then, that will move onto the big wooden board that will be on display. Tim made it and it’s so pretty 😉

Other final details, like finalizing suits with M.Stein and picking up my wedding dress from the woman doing the alterations will be easy.

Then there is coordinating with my wedding planner, photographer, caterer, Dj, florist, church and probably 10000 other people on plans and the timeline for that day!
Then comes the waiting and thinking and trying to make sure everything is perfect, when in reality we know not everything will be perfect, but it’s nothing you can stress about at the end of the day. All that matters is celebrating our love and family and friends around us!
Speaking of our families, they have made this entire process so much fun and we can’t thank them enough for the their endless support and work that they have put into our wedding. They do anything and everything they can to make it a special day that we will never forget.

More info and maybe even a vlog coming your way soon!!!

<3 Katie Ryan