Mo’s Entertainment Update 5/11/17

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The boys of Rascal Flatts have been in the business for almost 20 years, so they’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Of course, aspiring artists look to them for advice, and there’s one thing the guys always tell them.

Rascal Flatts talk about giving advice to new artists. “I mean, I think one thing we always tell them is, you know, don’t try to headline too early. And then whoever’s been on tour with us, we’ve told them, ‘Your job is to go out there and kick our butt every single night on stage and steal every single fan that’s out there. That’s what you gotta do. Go out there and make them want more, and sing like it’s the last time you’re gonna sing.”


Dustin Lynch tries to keep to a semi-strict diet while he’s out on the road, but there’s one treat he just can’t resist.

Dustin Lynch talks about the ice cream on his bus. “We have an array of ice cream, which is bad for me because ice cream is my weakness. And unfortunately, for four other guys in my band, their weakness is ice cream. So, we always have Ben and Jerry’s, and then some sort of gelato, Klondike bars, and then Nutter Butters over here. It’s an ice cream freezer.”


Luke Combs has a lot of downtime when he’s out on tour, and he spends most of it binge-watching his favorite TV shows. So, what’s on his DVR?

Luke Combs talks about the shows in his DVR. “I love  First 48, any kind of real-life crime documentary thing, I’m really into. I love Vice, a lot of their documentary-type stuff. I love 60 Minutes. Any kind of investigative journalism I’m really into, and stuff.”