Stray Mama Dog Leads Rescuers to her Babies


A stray dog in Fowler, California, who happens to be the mother of 10 puppies, recently led rescuers to her family – against all odds.

The stray – named Betty Boop by the rescuers – gave birth to her 10 puppies in an abandoned farmhouse. She then walked two miles each day into town to scavenge for food, which she brought back to the pups.

People in the town of Fowler noticed what was going on and were able to capture her.

Betty Boop then led one of the rescuers two miles out into the country, right to the farmhouse and the 10 puppies.

The rescuer who followed Betty Boop believes everything that happened was based on trust. Betty Boop trusted that the rescuer was there to help – which is exactly what happened because all the dogs are now being taken care of and a shelter is actively trying to find them all permanent homes. (People)


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