How Did This Happen???

So many changes in one year. So many blessings in our life with this little one.His personality is as big as his blue eyes. There’s a special love in your heart that you never knew existed until you become a grandmother, or in my case a Gee Gee. I was supposed to be Gigi but Grayson couldn’t pronounce Gigi so I’m happy with Gee Gee.

We had our first conversation in the car the other day. He started by saying “Gee Gee I see a barn” to which I replied “Gee Gee sees the barn too. What do you think is in that barn?”  “Cows Gee Gee” he said. I asked him if there were goats in the barn too and he said “No Gee Gee….goats are in the fence”. Moments I will treasure for a lifetime!

But how does this happen??? How do they grow up so fast???