What Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and are you wondering what to get her?

RetailMeNot did a survey to find out what mom really wants and compared that information to what mothers actually received. The results are interesting!

Spa Day – 18% of moms asked for this, and 4% received it as a gift.

Nice Meal – 15% of moms surveyed wanted this for Mother’s Day, and 11% received a nice meal on their special day.

Gift Certificates – 14% of moms asked for this, and 18% received gift cards.

Jewelry – 10% of moms wanted jewelry, and 9% received it.

Day Off From Kids – 10% of moms wanted this on Mother’s Day, and 2% received this gift.

All of those ideas are wonderful gifts, but my favorite thing to do on Mother’s Day is go to Hershey Park.  Everyone in the family loves to ride all the rides at Hershey Park.  The food is great so I do not have to cook or clean.  Most of all – I get to be with my kids all day long.  That is the BEST gift of all.

-Dianah Gibson