Mo’s Entertainment Update 5/8/17

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Today’s Summer Concert Series

Harry Styles will kick off the Today show’s Summer Concert Series tomorrow (Tuesday). The full lineup was revealed today and includes Zac Brown Band, Thomas Rhett, Shania Twain, Chris Stapleton, Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and many more.

Here is the country artists on the schedule:

  • 5/16 – Zac Brown Band
  • 6/2 – Thomas Rhett
  • 6/16 – Shania Twain
  • 7/18 – Chris Stapleton
  • 8/4 – Brad Paisley
  • Date to be announced – Tim and Faith

Rascal Flatts

When it comes to dirty jobs, Rascal Flatts have certainly had their fair share.

Rascal Flatts talk about their worst jobs.

Joe Don – “One of the worst jobs I had was with a floor cleaning business. I had to work at night. Started at midnight, and you literally would just go clean those floors, buff and shine, and bathrooms, janitorial stuff. I’d do that on Monday nights and Wednesday nights when I was in college because I had Tuesdays and Thursdays off.”

Gary – “Ain’t it funny that all three of us did janitorial work?”

Drake White

When Drake White has some time to himself, he heads outside to find a bit of spirituality.

Drake White talks about the importance of outdoors. “The outdoors has a spiritual element to me that I can get really close to my Maker in the outdoors and I can feel it. It’s one of those things I’ve always been able to do since I was a young boy. So the outdoors are what makes me go. It’s as important to me as the element of music.”