The Secret To A 23 Year Old Dog’s Long Life- Good News


The owner of one of England’s oldest dogs – a 23-year-old former shelter dog named Charlie – has spoken up and shared the secrets of Charlie’s longevity.

64-year-old owner Stuart Smith says the secret to his dog’s long life is being completely and utterly adored, calling Charlie a “spoiled lad.”

Stuart adopted Charlie from a shelter in 2010 when Charlie was “only” 16 years old.

Since then, he’s allowed Charlie to do whatever he wants. Charlie snoozes in his bed and enjoys tasty treats each day.

Despite being 112 dog years old, Charlie is – remarkably — still going strong. While he can’t run around like he used to, he still enjoys short walks in the fresh air.

He’s also surrounded by two other dogs at home – 12-year-olds Lucy and Zack – who like to keep him company.

Stuart says he feels privileged to have been able to offer Charlie a happy home in his later life – and says it’s all been well worth it because Charlie brings the family so much joy. (Express)