Mo’s Entertainment Update 5/3/17

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Eric Church is the big 4-0 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC!!!!


When Jake Owen needs to clear his head, there’s one place he always goes.

Jake Owen talks about being an outside guy. “Outside, I mean, no doubt. I’m an outside guy. If the sun’s out, you know, I like to be out there. And then even when the sun’s not out, I just… the outdoors, the feel of the breeze. I’m an outside guy.”


Before Luke Combs found success in country music, he wanted a life of crime — in criminal justice, that is.

Luke Combs talks about wanting to be a detective. “I wanted to be a homicide detective, and I kinda realized way too late on in college that you have to be a cop for 10 years to do that. I just didn’t think that I was tough enough. So, that kind of closed itself off to me as an option, which was kinda frustrating. But I obviously understand it. You know, it makes a lot of sense to have that experience going into that.”