Daddy -O-Five Parents Being Investigated

The parents featured in the “DaddyOFive” YouTube Channel are under investigation by Child Protective Services and the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

Mike and Heather Martin, of Ijamsville, are in the midst of a firestorm after they received wide spread backlash about their prank videos with their children.

The biological mother of two children in the videos, Rose Hall, came to Frederick last week from North Carolina and was granted an emergency custody order for Cody and Emma.

Rose said she first saw the videos last October and has been trying since then to get her children back.  She calls the videos ‘disturbing and abusive’.

Rose and her lawyer, Tim Conlon, say her children are receiving therapy for the stress received from the prank videos.

The “DaddyOFive” channel has over 760,000 subscribers.

-Dianah Gibson