Today’s Good News! 4-28-17


For weeks, 13-year-old Jamarion Styles would show up at a community center in Boca Raton, Florida, hoping to play basketball with the other kids. And, week after week, the other kids wouldn’t pick him for their teams. The problem – at least in the eyes of the other kids – was that Jamarion has no hands. He lost them when he was a baby because of a bacterial infection.

Despite being constantly rejected, he never gave up his hoop dreams – and was finally rewarded by earning a spot on his middle school team.

Jamarion outworked everybody, making his way into a game and sinking two clutch shots, becoming the team’s hero.

Now, Jamarion is invited to play with the other kids at the community center and he recently made the volleyball team.

When asked why he doesn’t play soccer – a sport that doesn’t require arms and hands – Jamarion laughs, admitting that he’s just not good at that sport, going so far as to describe himself as “horrible” – which is not a problem as long as he continues to improve his basketball and volleyball skills. (CBS News)