Free Grocery Pick-Up – Help or Hassle?

Having someone do your grocery shopping seems like a dream come true, especially for busy moms. But, is it a help or hassle?

There are many area food stores that offer online shopping with curbside pickup.

Giant Food, with their partner, Peapod, offer curbside delivery and online shopping.

Wegmans offers ordering on-line and picking up curbside.  According to their website, it’s available at select stores.  Place orders online by midnight for pickup the next day with a small fee.

Walmart is offering free grocery pick-up.  You can order online with same-day pickup and they will even load your car.

It does seem like this type of shopping is hassle free but there could be complications.  Some grocery store websites are poorly designed and searching for a specific item is not always easy.

Also, higher delivery charges may be added to your bill for the more popular delivery or pick-up slots, for example on a Friday or Saturday. Some delivery slots may be booked months in advance for major public holidays like Christmas or New Year.

Most people that I have talked to about online grocery shopping seem to love it!  They just make sure to check their eggs.  They are fragile and could crack during delivery.

By-Dianah Gibson