Mo’s Entertainment Update – 4-20-17

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Maren Morris has one of the most eclectic styles in country music, and there’s one person she models it after.

Maren Morris talks about her fashion muse. “I’ve always said my fashion muse has been Kate Hudson because she sort of goes throughout the decades fashion-wise, and just pulls everything off really effortlessly. She’s not boho. She’s not hippie. It’s just she always rocks whatever she’s wearing and looks very confident in it.”


When Kenny Chesney isn’t out on tour, he’s almost always exploring a new part of the world.

Kenny Chesney loves being a tourist. “There’s a lot of places that I’m curious about. I love being a tourist. I went to Italy this past year, and I loved it because I love to eat. I grew up loving cheese, [laughs] tomatoes. All that’s in Italy, and I love it, but I love being a tourist when I can be.”


The boys of Florida Georgia Line loved dipping their toes into the world of acting in the video for “May We All.” Do they have any plans in the future to revive those roles and maybe make a film inspired by their mini-movie music video?

Florida Georgia Line would like to revive “May We All” video characters. Tyler Hubbard – “I think that could be really fun. I mean we’re definitely up for working with Tim again and who knows maybe that thing could turn into a movie, I think that’s a great idea. We’ve definitely be up for it so we’ll see what happens. I mean who knows.” Brian Kelley – “But I’m not cutting my hair for that part.”