Mo’s Entertainment Update 4-18-17

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Carrie Underwood  Photo by Frederick Breedon Getty Images

Carrie Underwood Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Last night in Nashville, Carrie Underwood made a surprise performance.

The public address announcer at Bridgestone Arena told the sold-out crowd (quote) “Please rise and welcome seven-time Grammy winner and longtime Nashville Predators fan Carrie Underwood!”

She took to the ice at the Predators’ playoff game to sing the National Anthem.

Naturally, she killed it. This stirring rendition stands against any of the all-time memorable anthems.

Nobody was more proud than her husband, Mike Fisher, who plays for the Predators. Carrie even wore his #12 jersey with the captain’s “C” on the shoulder. Or “C” for Carrie. (People)


Jake Owen has done some pretty awesome things during his life, but by far his favorite accomplishment is being dad to his daughter Pearl.

Jake Owen talks about his daughter. “I tell people that she was really the first thing I’ve ever… You know, I’ve done some amazing things in life and had some amazing opportunities, but just having a little girl… What a woman is and what they become is truly built upon their foundation as a child and the father figure in their life. I’m not Jake Owen, the country singing star to my little girl. I’m just dad.”


Chris Young takes his uncle job seriously. He even admits to having a few hilarious tunes on his phone just to appease his niece. But what’s the most embarrassing song on his iPhone playlist?

Chris Young admits to a song that he hates to admit that’s on his phone. “The first thing that actually pops in my head is actually because of my niece. So, I do have ‘I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas’ on my phone. I don’t know if that’s one you’re supposed to be embarrassed of because I have an excuse. But that’s probably the most random one. Yeah, that’s one of her favorites.”