Mo’s Entertainment Update – 4/10/17

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Whenever Trent Harmon isn’t out on the road, he spends a lot of time in his kitchen, and there’s one thing he always tends to make.

Trent Harmon talks about his skills in the kitchen. “Yeah I cook a lot. I catch myself making a lot of tacos. You can make tacos really healthy. You know a lot of times I’ll always opt for lettuce instead of bread. But yeah, I make tacos and salad and I cook a lot of breakfasts.”


The late Carrie Fisher will appear in the ninth Star Wars movie without the use of CGI, her brother Todd Fisher tells the New York Daily News. He says filmmakers will use old footage of the actress, who died in December.


SyFy has set August 6th as the premiere date for Sharknado 5.