Mo’s Entertainment Update – 4-6-17

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Dustin Lynch was barely recognizable on Sunday when he walked the red carpet at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas without his signature hat. He said he debated whether he should go hatless, but ultimately comfort won out.

Dustin Lynch said it was a bit hard to part with his hat at the ACM Awards. “There was definitely a discussion about the hat. It was so hot out here, it was like this makes sense. Let’s let the hair breathe today.”


William Michael Morgan wants to help his future bride, Jennifer Wayne of Runaway June, plan their wedding — to a point. He clearly knows what to help with and what to stay out of.

William Michael Morgan on helping plan his wedding. “I want to be as much as I can. When it comes to the fine chinas and what champagne and what all that’s going to be, I let her handle that. I’ll work on the guest list.”


Frankie Ballard‘s recent wedding to Christina Murphy came as a surprise to fans. But they’d been quietly dating for six years when they finally tied the knot.

Christina lived in California, and when she finally moved to be closer to her man, he knew she was a keeper.

Frankie Ballard talks about how he knew his wife Christina was the one. “Now it’s very close distance relationship. Now I can’t barely keep my hands off of her. We live in Nashville and I think when Chrissy moved to Nashville from California, that’s when I really knew that she was the one.”