Gettin’ Crafty!

have always loved doing crafts, not that i’m always very good at them, but I do enjoy it! My fiance, Tim, IS good at crafts and anything handy…so I asked him to help me make some things for our wedding this weekend. Thank goodness I did, because they would have turned out horribly without his help! (he did most the work) 🙂

It’s always fun to see the personal touches at weddings, and the little details. That is one of my favorite parts about going to a wedding, all the little details. I know a lot of people say, don’t worry about the little things, people won’t notice it blah blah….well I do, and I hope other people notice the hard work that we put into the handmade things that we will have on tables and decor that is used to bring the entire theme together!

This weekend we spent the entire weekend working on our table numbers and floating hurricane candles. The floating candles are beautiful just sitting around already, but I saw something I loved on Pinterest, so I ordered the materials (picture above) and decided to make things harder on myself than they had to be… for the sake of something super cute…totally worth it 😉

The table numbers are very simple looking. We got boards from home depot, and Tim cut them into little 5in.x5in. square blocks. Then we sanded, cleaned and stained them all a pretty dark walnut color. Once they were dry, we got number stencils from Michaels and white paint pens and drew on all the numbers for 23 tables on each block. Time consuming, but not too bad.

For the floating candles, I plan on sitting them around the wedding on the gift tables and bars. Above there is a picture of the jute twine and pearl garland that I used. These are definitely tougher than I thought they would be. We have three different height sizes for the glass candle holders and wrapped the jute around each one, used a hot glue gun to hold down the twine, and then wrapped the garland in a pretty design over top. Just adds a little somethin’ somethin’ to the floating candles. Now we just need to hope the hot glue stays stuck to the glass and doesn’t pop off.

Definitely more crafts to come once we get all of the candles finished. Of course, the cute little signs and chalk boards. Thankfully, my friend and maid-of-honor have amazing calligraphy skills and I can pass off some of those to them! Then, as we get closer to the date, I am going to make the “Find Your Seat” sign…its going to be a huge wooden board…to match the little wooden table number blocks. So here’s to hoping everything turns out as cute as I picture it in my head!