Mo’s Entertainment Update 3-30-17

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When Brad Paisley is stocking his tour bus with food, it doesn’t take a lot to make him happy.

Brad Paisley talks about his tour bus snacks.”You know what we’ve been getting? Honestly, this is gonna sound so lame, is veggie trays with ranch dressing in the middle. And also, you know the fruit trays, where they’ve got the caramel in the middle, like the apples and stuff? That I’ll do. Cuz at some point it was like, ‘Guys, we don’t need to be eating Cheetos and stuff out here every day.’ Who does that?”


If Little Big Town head to your city, and you’re just dying to meet them, there’s one place you should look: your local flea market or antique shop.

During a recent interview, Karen Fairchild chatted about what she does during her downtime on tour, saying, “Kimberly and I always go antiquing together. I’ll wind up finding these amazing pieces that have real stories behind them. I love having something in my outfit that feels ‘found.'” (Racked)


Pinterest is one of those things that will preoccupy you for hours, which Luke Bryan has learned that the hard way. During a recent interview, Luke revealed his newfound obsession with the social platform stemmed from his desire to build a “little fishing cabin.”

He joked by saying, “I’m running low on the interior decorating fund. I gotta do it myself.” (CBS This Morning)