Mo’s Entertainment Update 3-29-17

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There’s a battle brewing over American Idol.

According to TMZ, NBC and FOX are engaged in a bidding war to bring back the singing competition. If NBC wins, they plan to rotate Idol with The Voice, with each getting one season a year. Both networks would likely bring back host Ryan Seacrest, but hire an all-new judges panel.

The American Idol reboot is expected to kick off in summer 2018 or mid-season 2019.


Dustin Lynch is one of the most eligible bachelors in country music. With thousands of women who would love to date him, it’s hard not to wonder whether or not he would ever consider dating a fan. Here’s his answer:

Dustin Lynch talks about dating a fan.“Of course, yeah. Absolutely, no doubt about it. I mean, I would hope my significant other one day would be a fan of my music. That would be terrible if they hated it, right]”


With two babies on the way, Thomas Rhett needs as much fatherhood advice as he can get, and there’s one thing that Brad Paisley wants to tell him.

Brad Paisley shares fatherhood advice for Thomas Rhett. “I’m gonna give Thomas the advice that Pat Green gave me. Pat said, ‘It’ll be the most natural thing you’ve ever done.’ You don’t know what it’s gonna be like. You don’t understand. You can’t fathom it. You can vision it, but it still doesn’t seem real. And you already know how to do it. You just know how.”