Skunk vs Car – How To get Rid Of That Smell!

Unfortunately – animals darting onto the roadway is a driving hazard.  Deer, groundhogs, and skunks.

It can have devastating effect on your vehicle and your safety if you collide with an animal.

If you hit or run over a skunk – the effects are very pungent!  That happened to me this morning on Route 340.  I ran over a dead skunk and now my car smells so bad.  I did some research and hope the methods I read will eliminate that terrible odor!

Experts say wash your car thoroughly with a mixture of mustard powder, white vinegar, and baking powder.  Make sure you wash the undercarriage, and take a long drive to loosen skunk particles from your tire treads.

Hope this works or it is going to be a long and smelly weekend driving around in my vehicle!

-Dianah Gibson