Entertainment Update – 03/16/17

More entertainment news for all your entertainment news needs. We also have a bonus video just for the blog!

BRETT ELDREDGE: "If You're a Bird, I'm a Bird"

Brett Eldredge isn’t afraid to admit that he is a bit of a romantic when it comes to movies. In fact, if he could star in any film of his choice, he would try his hand at a role in one of the most popular chick flicks of all time.

Brett Eldredge: “I’d wanna be in The Notebook because every girl loves that movie. [laughs] Take Ryan Gosling’s spot, and then I would really have the ladies. [laughs] Notebook 2, Brett Eldredge stars.”

JUSTIN MOORE: How to Avoid a Hangover

Tomorrow (Friday) is St. Patrick’s Day, and people around the world will spend their day celebrating their Irish heritage. If you’re one of the many people who plan to sip on a green beer or two, you may not feel so great the next morning. 

For Justin Moore, there’s only one way to get rid of that terrible hangover.

Justin Moore: “Hair of the dog—screwdrivers is my go to. It’s like taking a BC Powder to me. I have a screwdriver, I’m set.”

CHRIS YOUNG: Lacks Golf Skills

While Chris Young might be one of the best vocalists in country music, he doesn’t share that same level of talent on the golf course.  

Chris Young: “I suck. I’m very aware, I’m the guy that if I’m in a group of people, I’ll pick the ball up. Like if it gets bad enough I’ll just, ‘It’s alright we’ll just go on to the next hole I’ll be fine.’ I’m that guy. But I enjoy playing. And I’ll always take somebody up on a round of golf. I may lose more balls than everybody else. It’s fine.”


Earlier this week, Jon Pardi found out he’d won his first ever ACM Award, nabbing New Male Vocalist of the Year. Check out this #TBT video of a young Keith Urban winning the same award back in 2001. It’s hard to believe he’s up for seven awards this year!